Simren Samrai

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The news of Dr Hamlin’s passing brought me great sadness, but what a magnificent life she led in her 96 years! I first encountered Dr Hamlin’s work as a young woman in high school and the story of her life and her great contribution to women’s health in Ethiopia had such a formative impact on my life. Dr Hamlin was and will continue to be such an inspiration to young women like myself in particular regarding the impact we can have to better the lives of thousands of others with our actions and determination. I had the great privilege of meeting Dr Hamlin when volunteering at one of her fundraising events in Sydney and was struck by her resounding humility in spite of the amazing things she had achieved and her simple desire to see the work she did continue beyond her years. She took extra time out of her packed schedule to personally thank each and every volunteer for their time and effort to support her fundraiser. That kind of grace is not often seen! I have no doubt, given the formidable legacy she has left in Australia, Ethiopia and across the globe, her campaign to eradicate fistula’s in Ethiopia and other similar developing countries will someday soon become a reality!

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