Mekonnen Sime Bedada

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A mother of one son and thousands of daughters!!
Dr .Catherine Hamlin spent almost her entire life helping women with birth injury in Ethiopia. Among the many saint things she did, she established a hospital named ‘Fistula Ethiopia’, Hamlin Institute of Midwives College and rehabilitation center for women with fistula case. In this hospital, she brought so many women who had been suffering from fistula, which resulted from women’s under age marriage and child birth injury, from different parts of rural Ethiopia. Some of the women who got treatment in the hospital were given a job and a residential place in the rehabilitation center for their treatment need lifelong care. In the college she set up, every year a number of Ethiopian students have been given a full funded scholarship, and trained very well as midwives nurse. By Dr.Catherine Hamlin kind heart and relentless efforts, the suffering of countless women came to an end. The joy and Smile on the face of our mothers, sisters, and wives restored!!
May her soul rest in peace!
My Condolences to her family and loved ones.

Mekonene Sime

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