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In 1982,myself and two friends were travelling to London via Africa.
I told my aunt Dame Ella Macknight in Melbourne,that we were going to Addis Ababa for about 4 days and she suggested we called in to see Catherine and Reg Hamlin,who she knew in the medical world.
So we called in ,without notice,introduced oirselves to Catherine,who showed us around the hospital and then took us to her house for afternoon tea. She couldn’t have been more caring and thoughtful-unfortunately we didn’t meet Reg as he was working from memory.We did get to see a farewell ceremony though while we were at the hospital,which was very moving. Everyone was so happy. Then Catherine drove us around Addis Ababa on a tour,told us to go to the Royal stables and we could see Haile Selassie very morning going up to his offices ,and told us where to stand.
I have never forgotten her humility and friendliness and only
learnt so much more in the following years after our visit unfortunately
What a remarkable,humble woman who changed so much for the women in Ethiopia. She was so loved.
Vale Catherine and Thankyou 🤗

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