Catherine Tooher

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Such sad news to hear that the life of this wonderful human being has come to a close. Catherine was one of a group of selfless people whose generosity and care for others was an inspiration not only to those around her but also to people like me who only knew of her and her work from afar. I used to teach about the hospital in Addis Ababa in my Geography course at high school and try to get my girls to imagine what life must be like for those poor girls and women who suffer with fistula problems. It is amazing that most women in Australia have no idea of what a fistula is, let alone how it can totally destroy the lives of so many women around the world. I think the thing I admire most about Catherine and her husband is that they trained local people to carry out these simple reparative operations so that they could take the care of these women into their own hands in the future, thus giving them not only knowledge but also dignity. I trust that the foundations they set in place will continue to grow and be supported so that many more women can benefit from their life’s work.

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