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It is with a sad heart and grateful memories I receive the news about Catherine Hamlin’s passing. Among many important things that she represents in my professional life as a midwife and a development worker my earliest memory remains the most important. As a 6 year old girl living with my family in Addis Abeba, I almost lost my mother in an obstetric emergency where she haemorrhaged in late pregnancy. She was rushed to the then called Lil’ Tsahai Hospital where Catherine was on call that night. She knew what she had to do, she found a blood donor, she saw to the needs of my mum(and dad) in a way they could never forget. Nor can I. My little brother to be, did not survive but my mother did. I bow to you Catherine and to your work, for all those lives that you saved and for all the lives of women, girls and their families that you have restored.
Thank you and may you rest in peace as your long and tireless work now is done.

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